Our Story

WellWell is a functional, organic beverage created by a dream team of busy New Yorkers. MD/MBA-in-training and sommelier Sagan Schultz, celebrated restaurateur Michael Chernow, visionary lifestyle photographer Collin Hughes, and natural foods business exec Larry Praeger needed a simple way to help their bodies manage the demands of living active, high-intensity lifestyles.

It combines the replenishing power of a post-workout drink with the clean, fresh factor of a cold-pressed juice via high-quality, organic tart cherry, watermelon, and biodynamic lemon.


Using established clinical research, the recipe was designed specifically to restore electrolyte balance and quell inflammation so your body can recover faster and you can stay focused on your goals—from the weight room to the boardroom. Bonus: You’ll crave the delicious, refreshing flavor that was balanced by a sommelier.  

Launching mid-March at Whole Foods, boutique fitness studios, and restaurants, WellWell is vital hydration for a life in motion.



Brain Power

As a dedicated regular at some of New York City’s toughest boutique fitness studios, Sagan Schultz, CEO, was sick of being sore. So the renaissance man drew from his diverse credentials—a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and a nearly complete MD/MBA from NYU, certification as a personal trainer, and years of experience as a sommelier—to begin developing WellWell in his kitchen. (This period also allowed him to add “professional watermelon lugger” to his resume.)

Schultz is originally from the Midwest but now rides his fixed gear all over downtown Manhattan while making plans to bring more nutrition education and preventative medicine to healthcare.


Collin Hughes started snapping photos on the Minneapolis music scene at a young age, and his talent for visual storytelling quickly attracted attention, propelling him to New York City where he joined the creative team at the innovative e-commerce start-up Wantful. He now regularly shoots campaigns for high-profile clients like Google, Warby Parker, Target, GQ, and Nike Football and Golf (the last of which is pretty thrilling for a golf-loving kid from a small town in Minnesota).

Before, Hughes studied sustainable design and technology while completing his BDA in architecture. A former long-distance runner, he’s now a dedicated swimmer and is the visual genius behind WellWell’s aesthetic and branding.






Good Taste

Restaurateur Michael Chernow is best known as the co-founder of the wildly popular The Meatball Shop, which has six locations throughout New York City. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, he’s also the host of “Food Porn” on A&E. In 2015, he opened Seamore’s to bring sustainable seafood to Manhattan’s restaurant scene in a huge, new way, and it’s now routinely packed with diners enjoying dogfish.

Chernow is also a fitness buff and Lululemon ambassador (who even organizes group workouts for his staff) with a large Instagram following that’s at least partially attributable to regular photos of his unbelievably adorable son, #FinnleyHudson.

Business Muscle

When you see Larry Praeger’s name, you may think  “veggie burgers,” since he’s the son of Dr. Praeger himself, the heart surgeon who started the eponymous natural foods company. What you probably don’t know is that the company started as a frozen gefilte fish purveyor. So, over 16 years, Praeger has done everything from packing said fish into cases—to sales, marketing, and more. Since he took over as CEO in 2013, the company has grown exponentially, and he’s used his business acumen to invest in other successful companies, like The Meatball Shop, and now, WellWell.

Praeger lives in Tribeca where his fitness ambitions tend to go unrealized in favor of taking care of and spending time with his three small children.